Dublin has been growing for ages!

Dublin has been growing for ages!

So, let’s take a fresh look at our roots

At Eat the Streets! we are bringing together schools, farmers, urban growers and neighbourhoods to celebrate Dublin’s food in all its glory. We are going to grow, cook, create and discover together, helping to dig up the city’s rich food heritage. What we began in March will culminate in a 10-day festival from the 11th to 20th June. 

Food and what we eat defines so much about us as people, our culture, our history, it helps create connections and nourishment and it shapes the cities we live in. Dublin has a rich vegetable growing history that can still be seen in the north of the county today.  At Eat the Streets! we want to find out more, to delve into our rich past. We are inviting children and their families to send us recipes and food stories collected from their grandparents. Our chefs will then cook some of these recipes during our festival in June.

As with most festivals this year we have had to move on-line, we will be hosting the cook-alongs and workshops on our website, but there will also be activities to do on your local streets. Both festival weekends will focus on family events with an assortment of workshops helping children to enhancing their cooking skills and help us all to maximise the use of our food, while cooking delicious recipes. The aim is for fun and exploration, we are looking at ways of making your leftovers tasty and preserving or pickling tips will be provided.

But first, before food comes to our kitchen it needs to grow? Find out more from some of the city’s growing experts; learn to make your own mini grow dome, attend a seed bomb workshop, watch walk-throughs of your local community garden or get hints and tips on how to plant your own vegetable patch. All events are free to join. Mid-week there will be after-dinner discussions about the future of our food and sustainability.

So, come join us and help us put down roots for a tastier tomorrow.