Kitchen Creations

Have a favourite recipe that features two or more of the veg on the Grow! page? Share it with us! We also like a good story, so tell us about the recipe. Is it a family recipe? Who created it?

Plate Art

We eat with our eyes, as well as our nose and mouth. Yes, we are asking you to play with your food and show us your plate art! Use the #eatthestreets and remember to eat your plate art after you capture it!


Plate Art

Create a work of art on a plate and share it with us using the #EatTheStreets!


Dublin Food History Walking Tour

Enjoy a walk along Dublin's ever changing inner-city food streets. Finding delicious treats for a picnic in Mount Joy Square.


17th Century Food Walk

Feed your curiosity! We invite you to discover Dublin's glorious food history in this in-depth walk around Dublin. You can even try your hand at some 17th Century cuisine!


Food Cycles

Why not visit the Dublin City Council food markets by bike? We have a mapped a family friendly route for you! Download the map to travel from the Market in St Anne's Park with stops in Herbert Park, and Merrion Square and finish at the Bushy Park Market.


Framing Nature Up-Close

The art and science of creative investigation into your local environment! Be an explorer and discover what lives around you in nature!


Leaf Rubbing

Create art and discover more about the plants that grow in your city!


Grow Map Your Street

Be an urban cartographer and get to know what is growing locally through map making!


Visit our Growers and our Chefs

Why not spend a morning, afternoon or evening with our growers and chefs! Find them on our map!


How to Make a Rainwater Planter

Ready to grow with rain in your garden? We've got a handy how to guide to help you build a rainwater planter!


Make a Grow Dome

Feeling adventurous? Ready to start a summer project? Why not build your own grow dome!

Check out The Grow Dome article on the Magic of Geodesic Domes to start!


Rainy Day Food Tales

We have pulled together a list of podcasts for you to listen to on a rainy day or a sunny day sitting in the park!


Good Reads for Good Eats

Sometimes it is nice to curl up with a good book, here are our recommendations:

  • Hungry City: How Food Shapes Our Lives — by Carolyn Steel
  • Sitopia: How Food Can Save the World — by Carolyn Steel
  • Street Farm — by Michael Ableman
  • Fields of Plenty — by Michael Ableman
  • Ireland’s Green Larder — by Margaret Hickey
  • A Book of Cookery: for Dressing of Several Dishes of Meat and Making Several Sauces and Seasoning for Meat for fowl by Hannah Alexander — Edited by Deirdre Nuttall
  • One Pot, Pan, Planet. A greener way to cook for you, your family and the planet. — by Anna Jones
  • The Irish Cookbook — by JP McMahon
  • Irish Seaweed Kitchen — by Prannie Rhatigan
  • Wild and Free Cooking from Nature: 100 Recipes and Folklore of Ireland’s Wild Harvest — by Cyril & Kit Ó Céirín
  • Wild Food — by Roger Philips
  • Zero Waste Home — by Bea Johnson

Have a Good Read for Good Eats? Share them with us!


The Bloomsday Breakfast

Every June 16th Dublin celebrates Bloomsday, why not join the Bloomsday Breakfast livestream from James Joyce Centre Facebook and via Youtube live at 8am on June 16th. The event will feature performances and songs from Ulysses with Elaine Reddy, Les Doherty, Darina Gallagher, and Sinead Murphy.

Share your Bloomsday Breakfast photos with us!