What is the Carbon Cost of Your Lunch?

What is the Carbon Cost of Your Lunch?

Recently DCC Libraries in partnership with Vita Ireland hosted a lunch time chat on What is the Carbon Cost of Your Lunch?

Do you know that agriculture is one of the biggest industries causing greenhouse gas emissions on the planet? Whenever you’re picking up groceries at the supermarket or ordering food online, do you ever take a moment to think about the journey your food went on to reach your plate? What we eat, how we eat, and where we’re getting our food from can have a big impact on the environment.

The lively lunchtime discussion on global climate action and the food we eat was with Hugh Weldon of Evocco (the sustainable shopping smartphone app), Medhanie Medharie ( Eritrean agriculture expert), and Rozanne Stevens ( chef, food-writer and author).

The lunch time chat was moderated by Pat Kane, founder of reuzi (a one-stop shop for minimal waste lifestyle).

You can listen to a recording of the lunch time chat here.