Ellie Kisyombe

Growing up in Malawi, I learned to cook with my mother and aunt. We cooked for ourselves and for work, but also for celebrations and even to spoil my father, using his favourite spices to treat him.

The recipes I learned became a part of my story, and have travelled with me on my life’s journey. In Ireland, I received training from the wonderful Darina Allen at the Ballymaloe Cookery School and in 2015,

I co-founded the ‘Our Table’ restaurant with food writer Michelle Darmody. Right from the start, we had huge support from the people of Ireland, for which we are truly thankful. Continuing the story, I would like to welcome you to Ellie’s Kitchen Home Edition where you will find a new range of foods! Come and try my special hot sauce collection or a tempting peanut butter snack, all gluten free and vegan friendly. You should also know that my cooking is free from artificial flavouring, colourings and preservatives.

This food range is inspired by my first home in Malawi and made with love in my new home of Ireland. My hope is that we can build this part of the story together and I can develop many more healthy varieties to share with you and your family.